Successful leadership

Viviane Durieu opened the restaurant in 1978 and António Moita joined her in 1994. Together, they made A Travessa into one of the best-known and most highly praised restaurants in Lisbon.

Viviane Durieu and António Moita

Founders and Managers
Viviane Durieu who is Belgian and trained as a photographer, opened the restaurant in 1978. António Moita, Portuguese and a lover of gastronomy joined as a partner in 1994, bringing with him his knowledge of the sea and Portuguese cooking. Together they recently opened another restaurant - ‘A Travesso do Fado’.

Nuno Coelho

Nuno Coelho was the chef at Bel Canto restaurant, at Elevan and at Clube de Caça, among other restaurants in Lisbon, until he joined A Travessa in 2005. He sees himself as a dynamic and enterprising chef

Júlio Silva

He is a member of the Association of Sommeliers of Portugal and has been at A Travessa for 11 years, where he is passionate about helping others discover a variety of wines from little-known small-scale producers, producing the highest quality wines.

Friendly and professional

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Angélica Pereira e Isabel Sanches


Paula Ferreira

Maria Ferro e Maria Morgado

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